To Toss or To Repair…

CONGRATS! Your blanket was lucky enough to survive another harsh winter! AND Now, it's that time of year to get it washed, repaired, waterproofed, and ready for the next season. BUT WAIT....what if your blanket is torn, shredded, worn out....the question is, when do we say enough is enough? What is the difference between worn … Continue reading To Toss or To Repair…

Winter Water Importance!

Get vet advice to help you survive the winter! If you have any questions or concern regarding your equine friends, call your veterinarian!

#NailedIt! Do you have a Nail Magnet!?

Do you have a nail magnet in your pasture? So do many people, you are not alone! Lets look for warning signs, give you some exercise and save you big $$ all year round!

Cleaning Up the Mess

"Can I wash it myself?!" ABSOLUTELY, but don't blame me when your husband finds out if you wash your blankets in your home machines! If you want to take on this dirty can do it, but for the sake of you, your horse and the blanket...DO IT RIGHT! I see so many questions on a … Continue reading Cleaning Up the Mess


YES! There is a DIFFERENCE!! A STABLE BLANKET and A TURNOUT BLANKET are TWO different things! Are you using the right one? Can you tell? Guess now....   Annually, I get in several, and I mean hundreds of stable blankets that are dirty and shredded, straps completely severed from the blanket, hardware gone...forever. A conversation that goes a … Continue reading *SURPRISE* THERE’S A DIFFERENCE!