Providing Expert and Professional Services to the Delmarva, Pennsylvania and surrounding states! Specializing in Low Cost, High Quality services with a passion for customer service, satisfied customers and happy horses!!

Is it REALLY that important to get my Blankets washed, repaired and waterproofed?
  • YES! Please visit the ABOUT ME page to find out more!
    • Spending $40 on a blanket is better than spending hundreds
    • It will drastically improve and increase the function and life of the blanket
    • Annual waterproofing is recommended by MANUFACTURERS!
How can I best get in contact with you to schedule my pickup?
  • You can contact me several ways:
    • Email at laurasblanketrepair@outlook.com.
    • Call/Text: 443-3593206,
    • or message me on Facebook
To schedule a pick up, do I need to have a minimum number of blankets?
  • NO. No minimum number of blankets required to schedule a pick-up!
Are there any hidden fees with pick-ups or drop-offs?
  • NO. There are no hidden gas or mileage fees
  • My prices are as they say they are, NEVER more…but sometimes LESS!
How to the Pick-up/drop-off fees work? Do I pay per blanket?
  • Drop offs to Somerset Regional Animal Hospital and Pocomoke Animal Hospitals are $5 PER load.
    • $5 covers BOTH pick-up and drop-off
    • you will be notified when blankets will be returned to that location.
    • MORE information can be found on our Services page.
  • FREE to drop off to me, just let me know that you are dropping your blankets off, so I know who they belong to!
What is the drop off procedure for Coastal Equine and Livestock Supply in Georgetown, De?
  • Place all blankets into black trash bags (they will be provided there if you do not have them in bags already)
  • Label ALL bags with the Duct tape and write your NAME AND PHONE NUMBER, (duct tape and pens supplied)
  • Fill out a form provided and put into one of your bags
  • Let me know when you have dropped off and I will pick up ASAP
  • When the blankets are nearing completion, I will contact you or email you a PAYPAL invoice if that is what you have listed on your form.
    • Payments must be received by check or PayPal before blankets are returned
    • As SOON as payments have been received your blankets will be promptly returned to the location!
Do you visit certain locations on certain days?
  • I do NOT visit certain locations on specific days. YOU let me know when you are ready to have your blankets picked up or when you would like to drop the off and I will do so ASAP!
My patch came off, and I found TAPE!
  • I am very sorry, I NEVER use tape in the repairing of my blankets, all tears and holes are repaired and sewn shut before patching. It must b from a repair job previous to me, but I will fix appropriately to the best of my ability. Sorry for your inconvenience! I do try to remove any tape place by your previous repair company prior to sending it back to you, however I do my best. Please see the disclaimer on my examples page!
Do I need to pre-wash my blankets before dropping them off to you?
  • Absolutely NOT! Leave the dirty work to me!!
Will I be charged extra for any extra needed washes?
  • Absolutely NOT! You will never be charged for extra washes, I will do my best to get your blanket as clean as possible with as few washes as needed, but if it would benefit from another washing, I will NEVER charge you extra!
    • If I am not satisfied with the turnout, I will give you a discount
    • I aim to please!
My blanket has unusual hardware and it needs to be replaced, do you have what I need?
  • If I need to order hardware that would better match that used on your blanket (than what I have in stock) I will order it, at no additional cost to you!
  • I keep a wide variety of hardware in stock at all times, but many different blankets have many different styles, and I strive to match it as close as possible!
My blanket had clumps of stuff throughout my blanket, can you remove? What does it cost?
  • Yes, I will remove it at no charge.
  • Please keep in mind that where you may have previously had your blankets “repaired” they most likely used painters/duct tape to secure a problem area before patching (without your knowledge). I do my BEST to remove all this if I find it, and I am sorry for the poor quality you have previously experienced. See pictures and a disclaimer of removal of duct tape/painters tape that may have been previously used, on the Examples Page. 
What type of fabric do you use?
  • I use 70D ripstop for lining, which comes in many colors and I aim to match.
  • I use 600D for blankets that already have that type of material used.
  • Mainly used is the 1000-1200D, pre-waterproofed material for outer most lining
    • I do my best to match colors and have a HUGE variety
    • Material is specially ordered and heavy duty for your blanket needs
    • I will order a color that may match better for no additional cost
I need my blanket back tomorrow, can you just toss it in a dryer?
  • You can have it back tomorrow, but it will not be dry
    • I NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER dry blankets, we do not even have a dryer!!
    • All blankets are washed in cold and drip dried, ALL BLANKETS.
      • It is the safest way to prevent shrinkage, even though it is not all blankets
Do you provide cash discounts?
  • YES, if you meet the required price.
Do you have any program I can earn free washes and waterproofing?
  • YES, it will be introduced Spring of 2017.
  • Contact me if you would like info before release
How can I pay you?
  • Accepting Cash, Check and Paypal.
  • Google doc needs to be filled out prior to receiving your blankets if you would like to be invoiced via PAYPAL and PayPal payment must be received before blankets are returned.
Can I ship you blankets?
  • Absolutely, Ship to me in a secured black trash bag, addressed to LAURA RAYNE 36204 OLD OCEAN CITY ROAD. WILLARDS, MD 21874. $10 extra/blanket for return shipping, BUT ** All services on shipped in blankets will be discounted!!(so it comes out in the wash anyways, literally!) Payment via PayPal.