Sponsoring and Collaborations

Small Wonder Equine Services, LLC and Laura’s Blanket Repair have teamed up to provide you with TOP of the line, OUTSTANDING care for your horses throughout the Greater Delmarva and Surrounding States!.

Did you know that Laura’s Blanket Repair takes an active part in the community and sponsors events, and riders all over the Delmarva, Pennsylvania and East Coast!! Giving back to young equestrians is a way to show our love to others that have the SAME passion and love as YOU and I!!

By Supporting Laura’s Blanket Repair, you are supporting equestrians in need, the education of equestrians, organizations that help both horse and rider, and support equestrians that are participating in shows and being active role models in the community!! Support Laura’s Blanket Repair and take an active part in Supporting the Community!!!! Look for us at your next fundraiser, and if we are NOT there…ASK US WHY NOT?!!!

Are you an equestrian looking for a sponsor? We offer two types of sponsorship. This is dependent on you, your role in the equestrian community and your goals. Please contact me if you are looking for someone to sponsor you and your journey! Please be ready to tell me a little about yourself, and why you believe I would be a perfect sponsor and an integral part to you and your horse. I only give 2 individual sponsorship opportunities a year! Contact me on Facebook!

If you are looking for a Sponsor for your event please take a minute to contact me  via Call/Text, Facebook, or Email.


Laura's Blanket Repair loves Cape Equestrian



The equestrian riding brand based out of Cape Cod! Specializing in FUN, COMFORTABLE and STYLISH equestrian clothing…with a Nautical Style!

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Correct Connect a Laura's Blanket Repair Favorite





At Laura’s Blanket Repair, we LOVE Correct Connect! Created by Olympic Silver Medalist Jill Henneberg, these reins and gloves in conjunction, provide you with the steady connection you and your horse are seeking! No more slipping reins!

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Proud Sponsor of:



*The Eastern Shore Trail Ride, where all proceeds go to Station 16 Northampton Fire & Rescue Co.

*Several other Educational Opportunities

*Delaware Equine Council

*Several other Horse Shows and Paper Chases to Benefit young riders in the fight for their life!