About Me


For horse owners and lovers, by a horse owner and lover.

After caring for my own blankets for several years, I decided to open this hobby up to the public.  I have HIGH standards, and therefore I found that the best person to fix my own blankets…was me! I care for all blankets as if they were my own, and strive to provide you with a service that you will not be dissatisfied with.

Laura’s Blanket Repair is where people come for horse blanket care when quality is important, not the large price tag. I do everything to maintain the integrity of the blanket, and source materials from where I can find the highest quality for the most affordable price, to save YOU money.  I can promise you a quality and lasting product, that is professional, all while being easy on the wallet! If you are not happy with the repairs, I will make it right, GUARANTEED!

Serving every horse looking to stay warm and dry, from backyard horses to professional horses in the VA, MD, DE and PA areas, and always expanding.

Why is it important?

Horse blanket manufacturers recommend that blankets are routinely cleaned and waterproofed to help maintain function. Horse urine contains ammonia, which may not only weaken the blanket, but also bleach the color and degrade the material. Manure, mud and dirt, can all reduce the life and durability of horse blankets. 

Spending  $40 is better than hundreds it may cost to replace with a new blanket. 

We use commercial washers, with several available cycles to best wash your blanket, AND we use Rug Safe, a top of the line detergent free soap, that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Rug Safe is not only detergent free, but also a cold water wash, that effectively cleans blankets in cold water! These soaps were specifically made FOR the use on horse blankets, and are residue free. We also have a sensitive wash, for any ultra-sensitive horse you may have, as well as wool, fleece, and stable blanket washes. We take ever effort to provide you with the highest quality blanket care possible.  Even our waterproofers are top of the line.

They are silicone and wax free, unlike other waterproofers on the market, these are not intended for use on ONLY canvas blankets. The waterproofers are made for modern materials as well as canvas, and will NOT create a wax coating on a blanket, instead, the proofers bond to each individual thread, allowing the breathability to still be effective.  They too are residue free, and will not clog your blanket with unnecessary  excess product. Again, these products were created by men that combined, wash 80,000 blankets a YEAR! They needed something that would work and be effective on not only canvas, but modern fabrics of  blankets, and had no washes specifically designed for HORSE BLANKETS…so they made one, and you now have RUG SAFE! Laura’s Blanket Repair, is the first US horse Blanket Launderer to use Rug Safe, and is now the first and only US Distributor. 

The worst thing to do is store your dirty blankets throughout the summer, but if you clean, waterproof and store properly, your blanket can last for years. 

All blankets will be returned in bags, clearly noting the blanket description, including an itemized receipt for your reference.