The Best Ways to Have a Safe Blanket Season


Throughout this Blanket Season I will divulge on some of my tips to provide you a horse blanket season that is as safe as possible! From When to Blanket, To Checking Straps, Checking Leg Straps, To Monitoring for Rubs. I Will provide you the tips and tricks I use, as not only an equestrian, horse owner, blanket user, but also from working with blanket for the past few years!

Horse blanketing does not have to be a difficult concept, yet there are so many little details which may fly under the radar, especially in the cold when we try to provide horse care in a hurry. Every week I will provide a new detail to give you some ideas and reminders to check. These reminders will help you become a much more educated horse blanket user and help protect your horses from blanket related accidents!

Come join me for this ride!




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