LBR Bit Blankets


Leave the misery of riding in the winter inside!! No body has time for cold hands, or the awkwardness of wearing a bridle around your neck to try and warm up a bit.

**AVAILABLE in ALL sizes! 4″-4.5″, 4.5″-5″, 5″+**

These Bit Blankets are designed with 2 pouches, specifically designed to wrap, warm, and hug your bit to the fullest, with 360 degree warmth. Made to fit the rice bags that it comes with OR hot hands!

~~ALWAYS NEW PATTERNS, COLORS, MATERIALS coming out! Don’t see a color you want? I may be able to find something you like! CONTACT ME!! More sequins and rhinestone decals on their way!! ❤ ~~

Bit blankets come in many different styles, not only colors but also Velcro. Do you want STRAPS Velcro or a STRIP of Velcro. Don’t ask me which one is best, I love them ALL.  ALL Velcro used is very heavy duty, the same ones I use to repair and refurbish horse blankets with! Strong, tough, durable! Same with the materials. While I do not use many of them for horse blanket purposes, they are all quality, durable and warm materials!

The Rice bags are made with 100% cotton bags, safe for the microwave.


  1. After your ride, simply bring the bit warmer in with you (or have a spare and keep it on your bit over night, just for some extra warmth against the elements!) Put it all in your coat pocket.
  2. The next day when you are ready to go to the barn, take out those handy rice pouches, which are lightly scented with essential oils for YOUR benefit, place them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds or until warm. **I do recommend for safety purposes, do not place in for long periods of time. Rice can burn. To be safe place a small cup or dish of water in the microwave with them for added protection**.
  3. When the microwave is done, carefully take out the rice bags **CAREFUL THEY MAY BE HOT!**, and place in your bit blanket!
  4. Out to the barn you go!
  5. Wrap that around your bit, get your horse fed, groomed, tacked, and yourself ready to ride and just like that your BIT is WARM! Rice Bags produce a moist heat and will stay warm for a respectable 20-45minutes depending on weather conditions

Going on a long trip, fox hunting? trail riding? shows? or wherever your destination may take you? Use hot hands! Place those activated hot hands in the bit blanket instead and you will have hours of heat! The best part is…you can then use the remaining hours of heat for yourself!! WHO DOESN’T LOVE HOT HANDS?!

Basic or Fleece Fabrics Bit Blankets Any Size $14.99, +$5 for Vinyl or Special Fabrics. *Comes with 2 rice Bags*