Ultra Thin Foot Huggies


These are not just any socks, do not be fooled! Laura’s Blanket Repair is here to make sure you are happy….Foot Huggies are here to make your feet happy! Happy Feet = Happy Equestrian! Shop now and don’t regret the item you didn’t buy!



Laura’s Blanket Repair N Retail is Rocking Foot Huggies


Foot Huggies are the go to pair of socks for ANY tall boots, therefore they are a must have in your sock drawer and on your feet! You will find that these socks are one of a kind, fitted, flattering, comfortable and will make your feet smile, im sure you didn’t know that was possible! Foot huggies make it possible! You will see when you purchase your pair! Not if you want the regular foot huggies or ultra-thin? Easy answer, BUY BOTH! You will not regret it. Shop HERE

Our ULTRA THIN Equestrian socks are “Thin as a NYLON” sock upper and perfectly padded in the foot, heel, and Achilles Tendon with a Flat toe seam (we moved up towards your foot to prevent calluses and corns on your toes), and come as a Left & a right to avoid bunching. They are the perfect choice for breaking in those Brand New Boots!!! With 70% Moisture Wicking COOLMAX(R) helping to reduce friction which greatly reduces Blistering, 3% LYCRA(R) for compression to keep you sock UP where it belongs, you are on your way to a comfortable fit in your New Custom Boots!!

Check out the foot sizes, purchase the size you need, your feet will thank you!


Xtra Small: YOUTH US: 2-4; EU: 33-36; UK: 1-3

Small: US M; N/A US W: 4-6.5; EU: 34-37; UK: 2-4.5

Medium: US M: 6-8.5; US W: 7-9.5; EU: 38-41; UK; 5-7.5

Large: US M 9-11.5; US W: 10-12.5; EU: 42-45; UK: 8-10.5

70% USA made Yarn, 37% Imported Yarn


Fun shopping! Contact me with any questions!

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