Blanket Safe: Water-Repellent


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Blanket Safe Horse Blanket Water-Repellents

Treat your horse blanket on Your own!

Blanket Safe Water-Repellents are NOT wax or silicone based! They do not coat the blanket, but instead wrap around each fiber and allow breath-ability to remain. They are also easy to use! NO HOT WATER! NO HEAT TREATMENT! Blanket Safe makes it totally easy!

Wash your blanket in Blanket Safe Washes (all detergent free!), then when you remove your blanket from the machine, hang up and spray with Blanket Safe’s Water-Repellent. Wipe any excess if you wish, and let dry for 12-24 hours. The product will cure as it dries.

Blanket Safe Water-Repellents last for 9-12 months depending on the age of the blanket, care you provide, and wear and tear. The better you treat your blanket, the better it will last! Horse blankets should never be washed in detergents, bleaches or additives. Doing so will not only ruin your blanket and waterproofing, but inhibit from water-repellent treatments like this product from working effectively! Blanket Safe is not a heavy coating water-repellent, it is made for the modern day fabrics, NOT for Canvas. So while it works great, it is not a heavy substance!

Blanket Safe is Hypoallergenic when dry, and safe for kids and pets!

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